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Preparing for a Job Search

Employment Resources

Looking for work can be a full time job! Keeping your resume up-to-date and writing a cover letter can't be done in one night, and often involves some trial and error. You need to communicate clearly how your skills can fit with the employer so you may want to customize your resume and cover letter for each job you apply for. This guide will give you resources to help with your job search goals and help you get through the tough parts.

What will it take to get a new job?

  1. Identify your skills and look for jobs that require people with your particular skill set.
  2. Once you create a resume or cover letter, you should customize those documents based on what the potential employer is highlighting as its most important employee assets. For example, if the employer is looking for someone with extensive project management experience, make sure your resume and cover letter detail the previous experience you have with project management. Your cover letter requires you to craft a story that conveys that you are the best fit for the open position because of your skills and experience.

  3. It may be necessary to follow up after submitting a job application but be mindful of whether the listing specifically requests "no phone calls."  It may take a long time to get responses to your application; this is not unusual, and don't follow up with an employer more than once if you haven't heard anything. Don't wait for one job to contact you before applying for another.

  4. Keep yourself organized! Whether you keep a paper list or a spreadsheet, it's good to keep track of where you applied, the date you applied, and if you got selected for an interview.