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Music Study Resources: Home

A general guide that includes study materials and resources relating to the history, creation, and production of music.

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How to Use this Libguide

Welcome to the Music Study Resources libguide.  The goal of this libguide is to provide you with materials relating to the study of music history, creation, and production, and demonstrate how to utilize the Harmony Library for your research into the study of music. This libguide is not an exhaustive list of all music materials that the Harmony Library offers, but hopes to give you examples and avenues for further research. In this libguide you will find the following pages:

  • Music Databases: Find access to databases on the website that focus, or relate to, the study of music.  
  • Music Theory Resources: Find books from the library catalog, access web resources, and open electronic records (OER) that focus on the study of music theory.  
  • Music History:  Find materials relating to the study of music history.  General music history works and materials can be found on the first page of this tab, and students can select from the drop down menu specific periods of music history from medieval to post-modern. Students may find books, CDs, streaming video, and web resource links within the sub pages under this tab. 
  • Music Reference Materials: Find titles and links to music reference materials like dictionaries, encyclopedias, and other reference materials.  Also, students can find information on books that can be found in the reserve room at the Harmony library.  These materials are for students only.  
  • Search the Catalog:  Students can search the library catalog from this tab, as well as Prospector.  Video tutorials are provided to help better search the catalog for materials. 
  • Citation Help: This tab provides citation information. Information on what citations are, and how to create them are provided, and links to citation guides and machines are provided.  

NOTE: If you have not obtained a library card, or have not authenticated your Wolf card as a library card, materials available through the online catalog will not be accessible from home! 


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