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Welcome to the Nursing Research Guide!

This guide has been arranged to help you with your research needs. Any research question starts with gathering background information on your topic. Find background information in books, encyclopedias, and reputable websites. After you have identified your topic, you may need to find journal literature on that topic using one of our many databases geared towards medical information. After you have gathered your research, evaluate the authority, credibility, and importance of the information for your assignment.

Popular Nursing Databases

CINAHL (Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature) Complete

  • CINAHL is the professional source for full-text articles from over 580 journals in nursing and allied health. It also has citations and abstracts for many additional journals. Other publication types included are relevant legal cases, clinical innovations and trials, and citations to dissertations in nursing. CINAHL Headings help define search terms.


  • MedlinePlus is an online information service produced by the United States National Library of Medicine. The service provides curated consumer health information in English and Spanish. The site brings together information from the National Library of Medicine (NLM), the National Institutes of Health (NIH), other U.S. government agencies, and health-related organizations.


  • PubMed is the National Library of Medicine's search service that provides access to over 10 million citations in MEDLINE, PreMEDLINE, and other related databases, with links to participating online journals. See PubMed Quick Start for more information.

PubMed Central

  • A free digital repository that archives publicly accessible full-text scholarly articles that have been published within the biomedical and life sciences journal literature.

Omnigraphics Health Reference Series Online

  • The Health Reference Series provides basic medical information for patients, families, caregivers, and the general public. Each volume takes a particular topic and provides comprehensive coverage

Consumer Health Complete

  • This database supports the information needs of patients and fosters an overall understanding of health-related topics. This resource provides content covering all key areas of health and wellness, from mainstream medicine to the many perspectives of complementary and holistic medicine.

Physicians Desk Reference Online

  • PDR provides healthcare professionals multichannel access to important drug information.

Magill's Medical Guide

  • This guide provides general readers with the most authoritative yet accessible reference source that helps bridge the gap between medical encyclopedias and dictionaries for professionals and popular self-help guides.