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World History To 1500: The Roman World From 753 BCE to 500 CE

World History

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Bernardo Bellotto, Ruins of a Temple Image provided by Wikimedia Commons.
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At its zenith, the Roman Empire included North Africa, Spain, France, and Britain. The wealth that these conquests generated allowed Roman citizens to live in a sumptuous world of beautifully decorated homes and opulent cities. In this program, scholars discuss Roman unification of Europe, Roman culture and institutions, and the family structure. The role of the army as a major force in Roman society and politics, along with its military structure and tactics, are discussed. The Christianization of Rome and the enduring legacy of Roman Law and institutions in Western government today are also analyzed. 3-D re-creations of the Coliseum and Pompeii allow students to see Rome as it was before the empire collapsed

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Ancient Rome: Daily Life


JSTOR is an excellent database for articles on various aspects of ancient history. The database includes long runs of scholarly journals.

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Gale Virtual Reference Library is useful as a reference tool for items about aspects of Ancient History. 

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