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Test Preparation - tools and guides: Test Preparation - Tools and Strategies

This guide gives an overview of preparation guides for Accuplacer, CLEP, HESSI and other academic aptitude tests

Welcome to the Test Preparation Guide


This guide provides an overview of study guides and other tools used to prepare for placement, vocational and other achievement tests.   

Top Test Preparation Strategies

Review Study Guides

Guides give insight into the test structure and the topics covered.   Study guides for most tests are available in the Front Range Community College Library.

Take ​Practice Tests

Practice tests acquaint you with the types of questions you will encounter on test day.  Practice also allows you to become comfortable with the timing needed to solve problems and help you identify any knowledge gaps to review.

Get a good night’s sleep

Mental agility is affected by how you sleep.  Be sure to turn in early the night before to give yourself every advantage.

Eliminate distractions

Power down electronic devices not needed for the test -- including your phone.   If the test is timed, practice with a watch or timer.

Bring the right stuff

Make sure you bring a photo ID and have any supplies you may need, such as pencils, a calculator, watch, etc.  Also bring any special sign-on or set-up instructions.

Read the test instructions carefully

Before starting, make sure you understand exactly what you need to do and how long you have to do it.

Manage your time

Most tests are timed, so work out the maximum time you can spend on any question and stick to it. You can often come back to questions at the end. Don’t get stuck on a particular question, even if you think you nearly have it.

Work through the test efficiently and accurately

Accuracy is more important than completing the test. Some tests deduct for incorrect answers to penalize guessing.  Focus on completing questions that you know first, return to the challenging items afterwards.  You will want to work quickly, but don't sacrifice accuracy for speed.

If you have time - review your answers

Books About Testing Strategies