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Test Preparation - tools and guides: Accuplacer Testing

This guide gives an overview of preparation guides for Accuplacer, CLEP, HESSI and other academic aptitude tests

Accuplacer - General Information




The Accuplacer Test, conducted by the College Board, assesses reading, writing and math skills.   Colleges and high schools use it to determine placement levels for in-coming students. 

This is not a pass or fail test, it assesses skill level.  Most sections are multiple-choice and have no time limitations.  The test is generally taken online, using adaptive technology to adjust question difficulty level as the test is taken.  Test scores are available immediately. 


Taking the test at FRCC

The assessment is offered at all FRCC campus testing centers.  

  • See testing center locations and hours of operation 
  • No appointment is necessary, except at our Brighton Center. 
  • Not in Colorado?  Take your assessment at a testing center in your local area, use this form.

Important Test-Day Notes

  • The math and sentence skills assessments can be taken together or separately.
  • The assessment is not timed, but usually takes one to two hours to complete. 
  • Plan ahead. Come to the testing center at least two hours before it closes. We will not start assessments the last hour we are open. 
  • Bring your student ID number and a government-issued photo ID.
  • The assessment is free to take the first time. Students can re-test once per semester at a cost of $5 per section. Students can test a total of four times in a five year period.

Disability Accommodations

If you have a documented disability, please contact us ahead of time for reduced distractions or other reasonable accommodations. To learn more about accommodations, visit disability services.

Accuplacer Next Generation Test Sections

  • Next-Generation Reading assesses the test-taker’s ability to derive meaning from a range of texts and to determine the meaning of words and phrases in short and extended contexts. Passages on the test cover a range of content areas, writing modes, and complexities. Both single and paired passages are included.
  • Next-Generation Writing evaluates a test-taker’s ability to revise and edit multi paragraph text.
  • Next-Generation Arithmetic focuses on computation, order of operations, estimation and rounding, comparing and ordering values in different formats, and recognizing equivalent values across formats.
  • Next-Generation Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra, and Statistics (QAS) assesses knowledge and skills related to rational numbers, ratio & proportional relationships, exponents, equations, graphs, probability, statistics and geometry concepts.
  • Next-Generation Advanced Algebra and Functions (AAF) assesses knowledge and skills related to linear equations, graphs, factoring, quadartics, functions, trigonometry and, radical, rational, polynomial, exponential and logarithmic equations.


Accuplacer Study Guides