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Anatomy Resources - Westminster Campus: Anatomy Models

Anatomy Resources

Library Anatomy Models

The Westminster Campus Library offers a variety of anatomy models for in-Library use.   Models may be signed out at the circulation desk.  You will need to leave your keys or drivers license as collateral and also sign the log sheet.   

Organ Models


We have two brain models that are colored and labeled to help you identify all regions.

The heart model shows the external and internal features.

The kidney model 


Skeletons in the Library

Full skeleton on wheels

We have two full skeletons on wheels!!!

Study individual bones using one of our boxes of bones.


Adult skull models are available in bone or colored format

The infant skull model shows early development


View joint structure with this knee model.



Muscle Models

Our two muscle people give you a view of internal and external muscle systems.

The arm model 

The leg model