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Welcome to the FRCC Westminster Campus Library: Home

These videos were created with the students in mind. They are "light hearted" videos that will shows students the library has more than books.

Introduction page to our videos.











Front Range Community College Library at the Westminster Campus has more to offer than just books.  We have programming, resources such as Inter Library Loans, a robust academic databases, study rooms and tutoring. 

Our Librarians are highly skilled in helping students find information for their projects in our library. The students can also find help with their Math and Writing skills, students can get help from the Academic Success Center or better know as the ASC.



Reference Librarian

These videos were made for the students.  Mainly to show that we, the Librarians have a sense of humor and are very funny people under the right conditions.  If you have any suggestions on what we should make, please contact us and we can make your idea into a vision.  It's all low budget but it will get the point across.  So, come to the library and "check us out."

Jesse Elston

303 404 5499